The Deranged Musings of a Madman

Russell Shaw, a liberal blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote a piece that basically tries to justify another 9-11 type attack on American soil. The reason why he would like to see another terrorist attack on the United States is because he feels that if we are hit again, it will prove that George Bush hasn’t kept us safe, and it will propel the Democrats to victory in 2008. The logic, or rather twisted logic, he used to justify his argument for the killing of his fellow countrymen by a terrorist group such as Al Qaeda, is that it would ultimately save lives. In his mind, it would put Democrats in power which would in turn mean, (because Democrats are magical angels sent from heaven to better our world), that the United States would be spared countless deaths.

Now he worded the article in such a way that in case he was called out for what he said, he could simply say it was an exercise in “what ifs” but it’s obvious that he’s trying to convince himself that his extreme and idiotic beliefs are honorable.

He lists the typical fairytale talking points as reasons why it would be good for us to be targeted. Reasons like: Democrats would create universal healthcare, they would protect woman from back-alley abortions, they would fund stem cell research, enforce stricter gun control, and would raise the minimum wage; all of this, in his opinion, would save hundreds of thousands of lives making another 9/11 a good thing. And even though his reasons don’t make sense in that Democrats, while in power, never created universal healthcare and won't in the future, there is no evidence that raising the minimum wage alleviates poverty, gun control doesn’t stem violence or violent acts, and stem cell research is already being funded, he still asks the question: If you knew us getting hit again would launch a chain of transformative, cascading events that would enable a better nation where millions who would have died will live longer, would such a calculus have any moral validity?

This piece is so Na├»ve and grotesquely self-righteous that I can’t even think about it for very long because my head starts spinning and I feel like vomiting. But if you want to delve in the warped psyche of a deranged Bush-hater, then go ahead and read his
Ace of Spades.