Fascist-Left Hacks Lieberman Site

The day the polls opened in the heated Connecticut Primary, Joseph Lieberman’s campaign website was hacked and shut down. There is little doubt in the minds of the Lieberman camp on who is responsible. According to the senator’s campaign manager, the Ned Lamont internet supporters sabotaged their site to better their chances at overthrowing Lieberman.

It’s just another sick example of
liberal fascism. Either you adhere to every belief of the far-left or you will be destroyed politically. It’s that good ole open minded tolerance.

Update: Kos Clown denies any hacking; attacks Lieberman Campaign. He claims that this is ridiculous and he would like to see the charges backed up with evidence. But we all know that the left doesn’t care for evidence when it is not in their favor as seen with the Silberman-Robb report that concluded based on facts and evidence that Bush did not lie or mislead us into war. And the lack of facts and evidence doesn’t stop the left from making up wild conspiracies about Republicans stealing elections or Bush being involved in the plot of 9-11.

Update, 10:00pm: Senator Lieberman loses CT Primary. As an American I’m disappointed. And if I were a moderate or fair-minded Democrat I would take a deeper look at where your party is headed.