Muslim Sensitivity Training

Why are Muslims so Angry? Well, Mr. Garrison has the answer in one of the best episodes of South Park.

Mr. Garrison: Welcome to Muslim-Sensitivity Training. It is important for us to understand why the Muslim feel the way they do, and why we can never show an image of Muhammad….

Mr. Garrison: Let's all look at why Muslims are upset: [turns and picks up a stick of chalk] First of all, in the Muslim religion, you're not allowed to have what? [no response] Sex. Good. [writes "NO SEX" on the board] There's no sex until marriage in the Muslim world. Now, this would be fine except that in the Muslim religion you also can't... Anybody? [no response] Jack off. [writes "NO JACKING OFF" on the board] Okay, jacking it is strictly forbidden in the Muslim religion. And what do we know about the places Muslims live? They live in? [no response] Good, sand. [writes "SAND" on the board] Now put yourself in the shoes of a Muslim. It's Friday night, but you can't have sex, and you can't jack off. There's sand in your eyes and probably in the crack of your ass, and then some cartoon comes along from a country where people are getting laid, and mocks your prophet. Well you know what? I'd be pretty pissed off too!

No sex, no jacking off, no alcohol, and you live in the desert with sand in your ass…Yeah, that’ll do it. Now if we can just get them to loosen up with the tenets of their faith we can solve this whole Middle East Crisis in not time!