NBC: Why No Terror Plot Leak?

In a great example of either complete idiocy or inherent bias, an NBC reporter stationed at the Western White House named Kevin Corke, wondered why President Bush didn’t disclose details of the plot that was recently thwarted by British authorities. "Yeah well said because a lot of people here are going to be asking the question, not only today but in the days to come, if, if the administration has known about this potential plot what was the hold up in getting the word out, especially domestically?... but still it does beg the question how long ago did they know of this and why are we just hearing about it right now?"

Yes, what was the hold up, why are we just hearing about it now? What a great question. Hmm, maybe it was a serious effort of complex surveillance, tracking, and human intelligence that was operating from deep undercover in a situation that required discreet and delicate operational perfection with possible devastating consequences in the combating of global terrorism... maybe that's it.

This must be some type of NY Times syndrome where the media desires to put the American public at risk by providing all of our enemies with valued intelligence information. Just two posts down I hinted, in a sarcastic way, at the type of insanity that would be coming from the media and the left in regards to this story.

And like clockwork, crazies from the major liberal websites along with the media, came out claiming that Bush knew about the plot and this story is only being reported to benefit the Administration. Hell,
nearly 50% of the Kos Clowns believe that this threat was not even real but was only meant to be used as a way for “BushCo”, as they phrased it, to “keep us all scarred”. Other major left-wing sites have called it hype and as you can see the MSM is looking for any excuse, even questioning why he kept a secret operation a secret, to rag on Bush. By the way, NSA roving wiretaps along with many of the other tracking methods decried by the left as fascist, were used to stop this plan.

Update, Saturday: Olbermann questions timing of story. Floats conspiracy theories that Bush got Blair to release the story in a politically timed event. The insanity continues...