NSA Judge Gave Money to ACLU

If you were wondering why the recent ruling of one Judge Anna Diggs Taylor ignored precedent and her opinion was criticized by a wide range of legal scholars, then look no further than here. It turns out that when the ACLU was shopping around for appointed judges to hear their truly lousy case based on what their clients claimed was “fear” of being overheard in their business conversations overseas, they found a candidate that evidently holds their sympathy. Judicial Watch has uncovered the fact that Anna Diggs Taylor serves as a secretary and a trustee for the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan. And this foundation, at her direction, donated $45,000 to the America Civil Liberties Union.

So the ACLU found a Judge who was appointed by Jimmy Carter and who directed funds to their organization to hear their case; a case that will most definitely be overturned. To me the simple fact that Taylor is a huge supporter of the ACLU is enough to understand how she came to her decision on the NSA warrant-less surveillance program. Because it seems to me that the leftist lady in robes was dead set on making a political statement instead of a fair independent decision—but that’s how the game works. And we all know how far some groups will go to undermine the war on terror and we have all come to know why.