Oh, That War on Terror Thing

It’s like we are combating global terrorism or something. Maybe we can come together as a country and unite against our common enemy… nah, it’s all Bush’s fault. In fact he was deeply involved with the planning; he even provided the advanced explosives to this terrorist cell in hopes to shape the debate for November.

LONDON, Aug. 10-- British authorities said Thursday they had disrupted a well-advanced "major terrorist plot" to blow up passenger flights between the United Kingdom and the United States using liquid explosives, prompting a full-scale security clampdown at U.S. and British airports and a cascade of delays in transatlantic flights.
But whatever you do, don’t send them to Gitmo…they might become hate-filled and violent.

Update: 49% of the Kos Clowns believe the thwarted airline terror-plot was just “more BushCo Drama designed to keep us all afraid.” 1122 votes; 50% feel the plot was legit and 49% believe it was all “BushCo” lies. I guess you can’t fix stupid…POLL