So Where the Hell is the Outrage?

Once again, scandalous stories of horrid abuse are coming out of Gitmo. Unfortunately, for some, it's not the type of abuse that can be used to attack the administration or the military. And it’s really not the type of story the media likes to hype. (Associated Press) The prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay during the war on terror have attacked their military guards hundreds of times, turning broken toilet parts, utensils, radios and even a bloody lizard tail into makeshift weapons, Pentagon reports say. Incident reports reviewed by The Associated Press indicate Military Police guards are routinely head-butted, spat upon and doused by “cocktails” of feces, urine, vomit and sperm collected in meal cups by the prisoners.

They’ve been repeatedly grabbed, punched or assaulted by prisoners who reach through the small “bean holes” used to deliver food and blankets through cell doors, the reports say. Serious assaults requiring medical attention…

Very plainly, there are far more cases of abuse directed at US prison guards at Guantanamo Bay than there are of prisoner abuse directed at detainees by military personnel. I know what your thinking and yes; these brutal and genocidal terrorists have garnered the sympathy of millions of people all across the world but the US service personnel in charge of caring for our enemies receive ZERO sympathy. Let me repeat that: nothing, nada, zip, zero... In fact they only receive condemnation and slurs of Nazism from a certain political party and America-haters around the globe.

Isn’t it heartbreaking to know that only a very small number of detainee abuse ever actually occurred at Gitmo and that small number of cases was completely blown up to create a fire of anti-American sentiment; a sentiment that was designed and embraced by our enemies. All the while the real abuse and violence has been directed at the United States military guards who are basically helping to protect the same people who constantly condemn them. Something tells me that the UN, ACLU, the far-left, and the Human Rights organizations that have sympathized with the terrorists housed at Gimto will not share those feelings with the real victims in all of this.