To Hell with Organized Religion

What is religion? In my opinion, organized religion is CONTROL. It’s an accepted indoctrination on the part of millions of Americans who send their children to churches, synagogues or Mosques to be told what to believe. And much of the material they are told, and in some ways forced to believe, is not fitting with reality. I know many of my conservative friends might be upset at the thought of being used by religion but that’s what’s happening and what has always happened. I’m not saying that your local places of worship are not filled with caring and nice people because I’m sure they are. What I am saying is that Church is not God. The Vatican is not God.

Religion is a tool that is used on the highest of levels to control people’s beliefs. In some cases it is a pure effort based on what is felt to be right and in some cases it’s a devious scheme to keep individuals in line. For example, Pat Robertson, the televangelist, flat-out lies by telling his followers that God speaks to him and warns him of pending occurrences. He lies to get their money and they happily send him a check. The Point is: Religion is a manifestation of power. Power that ultimately takes away from the very same God people claim to worship. And using that phrase “worship” brings me to another point.

Worshiping in Churches is something God does not want you to do. Think about it. The concept of worshiping is a man-made concept that is based on an egotistical mindset. Claiming that you need to worship God is, in my opinion, a direct slap in the face to him. By claiming God wants or needs to be worshiped is ascribing, to the Divine, human character flaws such as the need to be loved. Placing man’s insecurities upon God is something, if you believe in his existence, that should not be done. The Church gets you to believe that you need to worship in order to fulfill your faith by convincing you that they are the key to Heaven. But that is not true; in fact I think God reveres those people who question what his self-appointed spokesmen say and those who think logically for themselves.

I believe in God and I believe in Angels because I can feel them. I don’t trust words from books written by people who claimed to have spoken to God or people who claim to have the answers. I don’t base my beliefs on religious institutions nor will I ever do so. We all have our ways and I can’t tell you what to believe or how to feel. But the one thing I do know is that if you’re afraid of questioning your beliefs, you are not truly free.