We Surrender, They Whine, Some Skew

Well now that Israel and the US effectively surrendered to the terrorist-organization Hezbollah and one of their greatest assets, the United Nations, we can rest easy at the beautiful “peace” we will now see in the Middle East.

The UN deal has no mention of Hezbollah being disarmed nor does it call for the kidnapped Israeli soldier to be returned.

--In other news, two of the captured terrorist plotters who planned to blow up commerical airliners, are now claiming mistreatment by British authorities (What a shocker, huh). suspected terrorists complaining about their treatment …who’d a thunk it.

--What else is going on? Oh, maybe some possible media bias. A couple of days after NBC insinuated that the Bush administration planned the release of the terror-plot news to help their political standing; they produced an anonymous source to help back up the claim. But a quick review of their wording gives the impression that NBC might be reaching for a story rather than reporting a fact. I’m paraphrasing here but what they basically wrote is that “an anonymous senior British official, knowledgable about the case, suggested the attack was not imminent.” Yeah, the unnamed guy suggested something about something that NBC says he has knowledge of but countless other reports contradict. -
Story- you can bet that’s enough to get some people to believe…