What Human Shields…

For the anti-American, Anti-Israel Left…you might want to close your eyes and not read any further. This is your Truth Warning.

The picture below is a recent photo of a Palestinian terrorist or “Freedom Fighter” as so many like to call them, shooting at Israeli forces while surrounded by civilians including young kids.

Now, if you lefties ignored my advice and are still reading this then let me explain to you how it works. You see the terrorist with the highly advanced M4 Carbine; well he is using human shields. And say when an Apache helicopter hits him with a rocket, that rocket kills him and those people placed around him. Then after he and the others are killed his terrorist’s buddies, in a propaganda effort, retrieve his weapon and all extremist garb from his body. So that we have a staged story that Israel killed a group of innocent civilians just minding their own business; which the media is more than happy to propagate.

--And here comes the video which shows another group of the left’s beloved terrorists or as Cindy Sheehan describes them, “freedom fighters”, dragging young children around while launching attacks on opposition forces.

I know that some people don’t like the truth but it is what it is. I have even read many comments on certain political sites that have flat-out denied that Hamas and Hezbollah use human shields. But hey, what can you do...
Vid H/T:Drinking From Home