You Must be a Liberal

-If you believe that George Bush planned and executed 9/11 with hundreds of conspirators from top aids to low level FAA workers and have no doubts that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled explosions and not by two huge fully fueled airliners, then you must be a Liberal.

-If you believe Democrats care about the poor and are tolerant of others, you must be a liberal.

-If you’re flying in private jets while preaching to America the dangers of global warming, you must be a liberal

-If the bulk of your wealth is in offshore banks to avoid paying taxes but you’re against the Bush tax cuts, in favor of the death tax, and attack Republicans for “helping the rich get richer and the poor get poorer", then you must be a liberal.

-If you believe that it’s not the terrorist-insurgents that have killed thousands of US servicemen in Iraq but George Bush himself, then you must be a liberal.

-If you read AmericaBlog or the Daily Kos and think to yourself, this is a truthful and intelligent blog, you must be a liberal.

If You think trees have feelings, animals can conceptualize but a fetus is just a blob of protoplasm, then you must be a liberal.(-)

-If you have said the phrase neocon Nazi in the last two weeks, you must be a liberal.

-If you believe that Israel is a rogue state and Hezbollah are the protectors of the people of Lebanon, you must be a liberal.

-And if you’re reading this and suddenly feel the need to call me a chickenhawk or keyboard commando or some other lame label you picked up from some stupid website or if you think coming up with a counter list makes you special, then you must be a liberal.