Bush Approval Jumps to 44%

Huge political news has hit the country today. Not only has President Bush’s approval numbers risen to 44% but likely American voters are now evenly split among Democratic and Republican candidates in the upcoming congressional elections. And despite the disaster we see in Iraq, brought about by the failed strategy of Donald Rumsfeld, the American people are still shying away from the possibility of Democrats controlling the situation. When asked which party in Congress would be better at handling the situation in Iraq, only 44% of those polled thought Democrats would do a better job, with 42% saying that Republicans would be a better choice. -USA Today Poll-

So what’s going on here? Why, all of a sudden, have the President’s approval numbers raised and how is it that the Democrats have failed to capitalize on the perceived failures of the incumbent party? Some pundits are claiming that Mr. Bush’s recent speeches on terror and the fifth anniversary of 9/11 have reminded voters of the stakes we are now facing. That might be true, it might not be true.

**From my point of view the reasons are obvious. Average non-partisan Americans are frustrated with the current administration but their frustration is outweighed by their understanding of where the Democratic Party is heading; and what they currently stand for. People in-between the extremes understand that, although they might disagree with the President on certain issues, the main thrust of the President’s policies on terror are correct. Even moderates Democrats,
as reported before, believe we should not honor international treaties if it meant releasing Gitmo inmates, and most Americans agree with tracking suspected terrorists via the NSA.

The problems the Democrats are facing is the simple fact that they are beholden to the far-left. They are admittedly owned by MoveOn.org and are being forced by the tin-foil nutroots to adhere to their extremist ideology. Democratic leaders believe attacking George Bush will bring them credibility; which it will from the liberal base. But what they don’t realize is that their terrorist-sympathizing, undermining of the war, Bush-bashing and vile rhetoric is only causing those who aren’t satisfied with the GOP to say “Yeah, I’m not real happy about the situation but there is no way in Hell I’m giving Democrats the power.” That is what’s happening: People are more than happy to voice their disagreement with Republicans before elections but when it comes down to November and making a real decision, the democrats are virtually forcing independent voters to vote Republican.