Gas Prices and the Upcoming Conspiracy

According to the Oil Price Information Service, gasoline is likely to fall to $2.00 per gallon by Thanksgiving. Prices at the pump are already down to a national average of $2.41, making it a good 50 cent drop from last month.

So naturally Democrats will give credit to President Bush for lowering the price of gasoline since they blamed him for the increase, right…? Of course that won’t happen but what we will see in the coming weeks is a huge effort by the far-left to convince its minions that the sudden fall in price has nothing to do with less demand, the end of summer and the easing of tensions in the Mid East, but has only to do with a cynical political campaign waged by the GOP, with the help of the oil giants, to better their chances at reelection in November.

This upcoming attempt will likely work because frankly the liberal base of the Democratic Party truly believes anything they are told to believe. And they do it with the type of conviction that is usually only seen in the worst types of delusional mental patients.

However, the argument of lower gas prices helping the GOP this mid-term election is correct. The fact that it has nothing to do with a nonsensical conspiratorial plot doesn’t change the likely affect this will have on the voting public. And this turn of events, especially since gas prices were among the top-three worries for Americans but are now the 5th concern, creates a sense of apprehension among the Democratic leaders. All of a sudden Republicans are gaining ground and all of a sudden President Bush’s job approval rating jumped to 42% in an NBC poll. Will the Dems fall flat on their face again or will they be able to avoid shooting themselves in the foot? We’ll see