Karzai Punks Clueless Reporter

In this video clip we have President Bush slamming the press about the recent NIE leak followed by President Karzai responding, in total amazement, to a bullshit question asked by the partisan AP reporter, Jennifer Loven. Watch the video of Both Bush and Karzai because it is something to behold. Just the look on their faces as they are forced to explain the obvious to a bunch of fucking clowns... –Video-

President Bush (excerpt) : Now, you know what's interesting about the NIE -- it was a intelligence report done last April. As I understand, the conclusions -- the evidence on the conclusions reached was stopped being gathered in February… And here we are, coming down the stretch in an election campaign, and it's on the front page of your newspapers. Isn't that interesting? Somebody has taken it upon themselves to leak classified information for political purposes.

I talked to John Negroponte today, the DNI. You know, I think it's a bad habit for our government to declassify every time there's a leak, because it means that it's going to be hard to get good product out of our analysts… But once again, there's a leak out of our government, coming right down the stretch in this campaign, -- in my judgment, i[t’]s why they leaked it.

PRESIDENT KARZAI (excerpt) : Ma'am… terrorism was hurting us way before Iraq or September 11th…These extremist forces were killing people in Afghanistan and around for years, closing schools, burning mosques, killing children, uprooting vineyards, with vine trees, grapes hanging on them, forcing populations to poverty and misery.

They came to America on September 11th, but they were attacking you before September 11th in other parts of the world. We are a witness in Afghanistan to what they are and how they can hurt. You are a witness in New York. Do you forget people jumping off the 80th floor or 70th floor when the planes hit them? Can you imagine what it will be for a man or a woman to jump off that high? Who did that? And where are they now? And how do we fight them, how do we get rid of them, other than going after them? Should we wait for them to come and kill us again…