Are These People Stupid? Part 2

In mid-May I posted on the situation in Iran and I pointed out the hypocrisy the Democrats were practicing in terms of their calls for a direct dialogue between Washington and Tehran. After the recent nuclear weapons test conducted by North Korea, I’m forced, once again, to point out that hypocrisy.

Already we have seen many in the Democratic Party and many of their operatives (like Richard Clarke) falsely blaming the current North Korea problem on President Bush’s refusal to engage in pointless one-on-one talks. Putting aside the fact that one-on-one negotiations and deal-making under the Clinton Administration is what, in large part, allowed Kim Jong Il to build nuclear weapons in the first place, I’ll focus more on their past election mantra.

During the 2004 campaign the same Democrats who are now recklessly demanding the United States of America disengage from the complex multilateral talks with North Korea, are the same Democrats who reprimanded President Bush for his “unilateral” foreign policy objectives in Iraq. And not only are they calling for a unilateral approach but they are actually pretending as if they would have supported some type of serious military intervention to stop the North Koreans from expanding their weapons capability.

The lack of direct negotiation has nothing to do with our current situation. Any website or any politician who claims that it does is obviously ignorantly mistaken or they’re partisan hacks and should not be taken seriously.