Deal or No Deal for Kim Jong IL

Other than Kim Jong IL winning the Nobel peace prize and the Useless Nations appointing them to the Disarmament Commission, what would happen if North Korea actually tested a nuclear weapon?

It has been reported that North Korea is planning to test a nuclear device as early as the next few days. The White House has publicly and privately urged their government not to do so but those wishes are likely to be ignored. News of this test comes shortly after North Korea tested its first ever long range missile system. A system capable of striking US targets on the West Coast.

A nuclear ready Korean peninsula is a direct threat to our allies in the region and to the United States of America. Past dealings with their tyrant leader under the previous administration allowed for this dictatorship to acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction. So, any prospect of negotiations or dealings has to be met with the obvious skepticism. Sanctions are definitely not going to be effective and we should not expect any real assistance from the People’s Republic of China.

We can’t really invade North Korea and we can’t ask them nicely to be a peaceful nation. we can use tactical nuclear strikes to destroy large portions of their country and their military capability before their technology allows for an efficient retaliation against Japan or South Korea. But some people will argue, to let them have their weapons because they ignorantly think that irrational dictators somehow become more stable and responsible when sitting on nuclear weapons.

We saw that ridiculous argument with Iran especially from people in Europe and liberals here in America. They argued that Iran would never use their nuclear weapons because it would be suicide; they would be destroyed. Of Course, they conveniently forgot, or maybe never really understood, that crazed Islamic Extremists are prone to suicide and would gladly risk their lives and their country to kill as many infidels as possible. And they are also too dumb to understand that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Iranian government themselves who launch an attack on, let’s say, Israel but it would be the nuclear material and weaponry the terrorist-state passes on to it’s terrorist branches.

With that being said we need real discussion about this situation and real action must be taken. I’m not sure what that action is but I am sure that the situations we find ourselves in with regard to Iran and North Korea are due to the complete failures of past administrations. Let's try not to make the same mistakes...Although it's a little late. North Korea has nuclear weapons and Iran is quickly advancing their weapons program. I guess the moral of the story is: Avoiding conflict which results in our enemies acquiring WMD, is not a very good foreign policy.

Update, 11:35pm: North Korea claims
successful nuclear test. Also: The fringe-left is already blaming Bush and pretending they would have supported a war against North Korea. It's Pathetic.