Favorite Seagal and Van Damme Movies

Favorite Steven Segal Movies
1) number one has to be Under Siege
2) Out For Justice.
3) On Deadly Ground

Favorite Jean Claude Van Damme Movies
1) Timecop
2) Universal Soldier
3) Lion Heart

The best line from Under Siege: Yes, of course! Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face. You tried to kill me you son of a bitch... so welcome to the revolution.

But do you remember Ms. July ’89, the girl that jumps out of the birthday cake naked and becomes Casey Ryback’s sidekick? Well, now she’s on NBC’s the Biggest Loser. Yeah, she got a little heavy

From Jean Claude’s movies I always liked "Timecop". One of my favorite parts was when a thief travels back in time to the Civil War in order hijack a gold shipment from the Confederate Army. The six guys on horses guarding the carriage, armed with civil war era weapons, dismiss the one man demanding their gold because they outnumber him. Little do they know that in his trench coat is a hi-tech machine gun. Needless to say, he kills them all very easily. -check out the trailer-