The Final Chapter: Ortiz vs. Shamrock

Later today on Spike TV we will see the “Final Chapter” between the worlds’s most dangerous man, Ken Shamrock and Mr. Tito Ortiz. After I spent 50 bucks a couple of months ago to watch their highly anticipated rematch on Pay Per View and was gypped by an early stoppage from the Octagon referee, I’ve been waiting in a state of pistoffidness for their third fight. Luckily, UFC President Dana White decided to give the fans a break and air the live rematch on cable television instead of PPV.

I’m hoping Ken Shamrock beats the shit out of Tito Ortiz. Although, Tito is in his prime and has a great chance of winning the fight. As long as the ref doesn’t fuck up the fight again… I’ll be psyched. So don’t forget to set your reminder to Spike TV tonight!

Spoiler: the legendary Ken Shamrock is quickly defeated by Tito Ortiz.