The Latest Liberal Lunacy

As predicted, the Democrats and some in the media have advanced the theory that President Bush used his oil connections to plummet the price of gasoline to help the Republicans re-election hopes in November. For many people on the left, the cost of oil has decreased not because the end of summer and less demand, but because George Bush asked his oil friends to help him and his fellow politicians avoid political disaster.

Obviously, it doesn’t make sense but that’s what they believe. And since some people feel so strongly about this position I thought I would point out how stupid their belief is.

According to liberal logic, Bush has the power to manipulate gas prices, right? At the very least, that’s what the conspiracy theory implies. So, I would like to get this lunacy straight; with reality as a reference: President Bush’s plan (as deduced by the theory) was to allow the increase in the price of gasoline to reach record highs over the past year, which hurt his poll numbers and hurt the GOP, but at the last minute, lessen the price in order to rebound his popularity for a net gain of approximately -4 percentage points…? Yeah, that makes sense if you’re a liberal.

Memo to the Retarded Left: If President Bush had the ability to lower gas prices at will, he would have never allowed oil to reach 72$ a barrel. Logically, if you believe that the fall at the pumps is directly connected to the midterm elections, you have to accept a reality in which astute politicians are willing to commit political suicide over a period of years and “greedy” oil corporations are willing to lose billions of dollars in profit. (That’s the type of common sense that has to be explained to liberals… or else they won’t get it)