The NY Times Mea Culpa

Wow, first the BBC admits to being a leftist rag (see post below) and now the NY Times admits to being traitors. Well, they didn’t admit to being traitors per say, but their ombudsmen did acknowledge it was a mistake to leak the SWIFT counterterrorism program run by the NSA.

My July 2 column strongly supported The Times’s decision to publish its June 23 article on a once-secret banking-data surveillance program. After pondering for several months, I have decided I was off base. There were reasons to publish the controversial article, but they were slightly outweighed by two factors to which I gave too little emphasis. While it’s a close call now, as it was then, I don’t think the article should have been published...

Those two factors are really what bring me to this corrective commentary: the apparent legality of the program in the United States, and the absence of any evidence that anyone’s private data had actually been misused… I haven’t found any evidence in the intervening months that the surveillance program was illegal under United States laws

Oh, so now he feels bad about the outing of a secret government program, which potentially aided our enemies in the war on terror, and was entirely LEGAL, . Great job asshole!