Professor: Bush is Hitler, Only Dumber

Meet the jackass that makes Ward Churchill look like a qualified and well intentioned professor. University of Wisconsin-Madison instructor Kevin Barrett teaches a course on the religion and culture of Islam. It is his contention that George W. Bush, the President of the United States, planned and executed 9/11 in an effort to establish a neocon dictatorship. He compared this action to the power grab of the Nazi party in 1933.

From his essay in the book, “9/11 and American Empire”: "Like Bush and the neocons, Hitler and the Nazis inaugurated their new era by destroying an architectural monument and blaming its destruction on their designated enemies," he wrote.

Barrett said Tuesday he was comparing the attacks to the burning of the German parliament building, the Reichstag, in 1933, a key event in the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship. "That's not comparing them as people, that's comparing the Reichstag fire to the demolition of the World Trade Center, and that's an accurate comparison that I would stand by," he said.

Except, he went on to praise Hitler for his IQ level at the expense of George Bush. "Hitler had a good 20 to 30 IQ points on Bush, so comparing Bush to Hitler would in many ways be an insult to Hitler." And we don’t want to insult Hitler now do we… he was such a good guy. I’m guessing Barrett voted for Kerry who happened to receive worse grades than Bush did at Yale. Go figure.

But I digress. Three essays in the book “9/11 and American Empire” are required reading for his students. Although Kevin Barrett’s insane writing is not among those required, another essay entitled “A Clash between Justice and Greed” is on the list. This piece happens to argue that the “conflicts between Islam and the western world were made up after the ‘collapse of the Soviet Union to justify U.S. defense spending, and to provide a pretext of controlling the world's resources.’” Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that these people are out there… and they are teaching your children.