Stunning Admission From ABC News

Political Director Says Major Media is Too Liberal -Video-
ABC News has posted an article on their website that outlines the strategy of the " Old Media’s" plans to aid the Democrats in their effort to take control of the House and Senate this November. The article comes to us during the same time the BBC finally admitted that it is run by leftist anti-Americans and the admission of the ombudsmen for the NY Times that his newspaper needlessly outed government secrets to the public.

Watch for the strategies provided by ABC's The Note to be implemented (some already have been) and keep in mind that this outline comes not from Republicans but from the staff of ABC. There is no more denying that it (the left-leaning media) exists so I don’t expect any reaction from any Democrats that might happen upon this blog. They always tuck tail and hide when they know there are no more excuses to manufacture. Just take pleasure in knowing that we don’t have to see them struggle to find a way not to look stupid.