What Happened to Their Americanism?

CNN Defends Airing of Jihadi Video
In the past, America seemed to be on one side during war time- the side of supporting our troops to victory. It was a time in which the media came together and sent back true but patriotic images that rallied the American public; back when journalists looked for images like “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” to send home in hopes of raising our spirit. Unfortunately, that all changed when the media and the Opposition Party saw an opportunity to gain a voter base by attacking the administration at the expense of wanting to win and at the expense of the soldier himself.

This is clearly seen with the over hyping of the prisoner abuse “scandal” at Guantanamo Bay; when facts show that the US guards are the ones being attacked and being degraded on a daily basis. It was clearly seen when the Democrats compared the US military to Nazis, cold-blooded killers, the forces of Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein.

And now we see CNN defending their airing of jihadi propaganda. If you’re not familiar with the story: CNN has been showing terrorist videos of US forces being shot by snipers in Iraq under the guise of it being in the public's interest to see the harshness of war (it’s really meant to further the discontent by this November, but I won't mention that). Thankfully, Armed Services Chairman Duncan Hunter has called out CNN for its use of such videos. He very effectively points out the weaknesses of Wolf Blitzer’s arguments and asked the glaring question: “Does CNN want America to win this thing”? -

It’s left up to good bloggers to support the troops and to provide us with favorable images (
like this story). -- The difference between people like Barack Obama, who claims it is the media's job to leak vital counterterrorism secrets to the public, and me; is that I believe that in a serious war time the American media has a responsibility, under precedent, to help the morale of their fellow countrymen. -- One side wants the media to leak Intel, disinterestedly aiding the enemy, and the other side wants the media to exercise responsibility while doing what they can to bolster the troops and the American people. Although I’m not asking the media to not report bad things… yeah, report on it. But just don’t revel in it.