Abu Ghraib to Hit the Big Screen

Kerry Lover and MoveOn Contributor Set to Direct Lefty Porn
A new movie about the Abu Ghraib ‘scandal’ that is meant to “examine” the abuse and so-called torture of suspected terrorist inmates, is in development by Sony Pictures and is being directed by the Oscar winning filmmaker, Errol Morris. Morris’s last documentary, “The Fog of War” won an academy award in 2003; it occasionally airs on HBO if you care to watch some of his previous work to judge his perception of world events. -

Films of this nature can be skewed in many different ways but it can be expected that this documentary will not focus on the fact that abuse such as the type reported is relatively non existent and not reflective of the military as a whole, but will likely be a platform of sympathy for our enemies and a not-so-ambiguous condemnation of the current administration. Also, it will likely not examine the reported success of some of the interrogation techniques implemented at Abu Ghraib; techniques that have saved thousands of lives on the battlefield and in America.

Given that likelihood I felt it necessary to post something about the upcoming film. With all of the narratives of the war on terror, it’s interesting in this day and age, that an isolated and really over hyped incident like the abuse scandal can take precedent over stories of heroism or the political process of Iraq. Or for that matter, the real torture Saddam Hussein inflicted on his people inside this particular prison.

And it’s interesting that independent producers and directors like Raphael Shore and Wayne Kopping are creating great documentaries like “
Obsession”, which focuses on the real and growing threat of radical Islam, but are getting virtually no press. I guess the question I’m heading towards is: Why? There is no real reason to create a film based on a situation that slandered the military and aided our enemies… unless of course the reason is to further alienate the US forces in Iraq and bring about a greater feeling of anti-American sentiment.