Casino Royale

I saw Casino Royale the first night it opened and I was going to post a little review that night but never got around to it. I’m glad I put it off for a while because now I’ve had a couple of post-turkey lazy days to reflect on this film and what I view as the new trend in Hollywood.

First, the Movie! It wasn’t what I expected in that it was more of a dramatic thriller than the typical formulaic stride designed purely for popcorn entertainment. The beginning fight scenes of pre-007’s career were reminiscent of the great and realistic hand-to-hand combat of the Bourne Supremacy. Although, too much time is spent watching Bond play poker against La Chiffre (the super villain) amid the not-so-good storyline of stopping a terrorist by beating him in poker.

All in all, Daniel Craig gave us the great new Bond in a gritty film that can be viewed as on of the best, if not the best, movies in this storied franchise.

As for the new trend that I mentioned: It started with Batman Begins and moved to Casino Royale and will likely be seen more and more in the coming years. It’s the trend of going back to the dark basics after a long run in mediocrity. It’s a taking back of the story by the story-tellers from the hands of corporate giants who fear change and who will always sacrifice greatness for revenue. Many movie lovers have been waiting for this for a long time. We want movies and characters how they were meant to be… we don’t want market researched bullshit!