Democrats Take Control; Allahu Akbar!

Just Days After leading terrorists endorsed the Democratic Party; They took control of the House and maybe the Senate

-But will I claim they cheated? -- No. I’m not a Democrat; that's what they do
-Will I call Nancy Pelosi THEIR Speaker instead of OUR Speaker? -- No. I’m not a Democrat
-Will I whine and cry because the American people voted for something I dislike? -- No. I’m not a Democrat.
-Will I work to undermine our national interests because I happen to carry disdain for liberal members of Congress? -- No. I’m not a Democrat

I do however, expect them to grow up and behave responsibly. Because now that they have regained some power they can focus less on hurting our country for political gain and more on developing alternative ideas of governance.

And because I’m not like a hate-filled liberal I can sincerely say: Congratulations to the Democratic Party for a hard fought campaign and I can understand the frustration the American people have had with the way things have been handled.