Shock: Dean Bashes Bush in Speech

Okay, enough of John Kerry… What other idiot can we talk about? Hey, just in time: It's Howard Dean giving us some of his patented bullshit during a speech last night in which he compared President Bush to former President Nixon. -Story-

The “Scream Machine” led off with a little Bush-Bashing: "I think George Bush is the most incompetent president we've had in our lifetime. I mean, nobody would accuse President Nixon of being incompetent." -- But given that Dean is inarguably a complete jackass; I would have to say that calling him the most incompetent President ever, is a compliment. Since I’m sure the good doctor considers himself to be competent, we can logically assume that his competent-meter is shot to hell.

After the bash fest, the Vermont Democrat tried some of the, “Bush administration is spying on little old ladies because they hate your civil rights” crap that seems only to work on the mentally challenged liberal voter base: They're both [Bush/Cheney and Nixon/Agnew] using the IRS for political purposes. They're both spying on people they don't like and not just terrorists, but also American citizens. Neither one of them particularly believes in judicial rights. They've both been dishonest with the American people."

It's yet another slew of overused mischaracterizations that when coupled with the statement, they have been dishonest with the American people, makes the hypocrisy-hairs on the back of my neck go woo-woo-woo.

And here I thought the Dems had finally muzzled Dr. Dean. I wonder what it feels like to be a moderate Democrat and know that your party has turned into one of the most hilariously pathetic and reflexively retarded political sideshows in the history of American offense. But you can always show your discontent by sending your so-called leaders a message and support local Republicans this week.