UK: Al Qaeda Seeks Nuclear Kit

LONDON (Reuters) - Al Qaeda is trying to acquire the technology that would enable it to use a nuclear device to attack Western targets including Britain, a senior British official said on Monday. "We know the aspiration is there. We know attempts to gather materials are there, we know that attempts to gather technology are there," the senior Foreign Office official told reporters.

The Foreign Office official, asked whether there was any doubt that Al Qaeda wants to gather nuclear material for use against Western targets, said: "No doubt at all."

There is no doubt that Al Qaeda wishes to acquire nuclear material in the hopes of using it against the United States and British targets. Interestingly, Osama Bin Laden in 2001 claimed that his terrorist network did have nuclear and chemical weapons. – These are the stakes; catastrophic attacks on US cities are the stakes we are faced with.

So it's important to remember that those among us, who want to “
kill” the patriot act, secure the rights of terrorists, who want to hinder the NSA, who are against coercive interrogation, and want us to withdraw from the battlefield, are all fighting against our national interest. And it just so happens that America just voted these types of people into leadership positions in both the House and the Senate.

We will be attacked with nuclear or chemical weapons in the near future and we do have to prevent terrorist-sponsors like Iran from building nuclear weapons by any means necessary. Unfortunately, for some, this threat won’t be understood until we are hit with unconventional weapons.