Was The Dems Win Good for the GOP?

I’ve been hearing the argument from different sources that the Democratic victory this midterm election was not necessarily a good thing for them. The point some politicians and political pundits are making is that because they took control of both the House and the Senate, they will make it easier for Republicans to win in ’08. - I don’t know if that is true or not, you tell me.

Conservative pundits, even before the election, were trying to spin a win for the Democrats as a not-so-bad outcome because it would help the GOP retain the White House and take back control of both houses. At the time I didn’t really buy that line of thinking; I just thought it was a partisan attempt to minimize the damage. But now I’m not so sure that this type of logic wasn’t just partisan politics.

Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic Chairman, made an interesting observation, as reported by the Guardian, which got me thinking about the consequences of his party controlling half the power in Washington. He said, “The voters have ‘reluctantly given us the keys,’ adding that the Democrats would have to prove themselves very quickly. It is easier said than done.”

Honestly, the democrats are in a very tough position. They basically have two years to prove worthy of the American people, who despite the failures in Iraq, only 'reluctantly' gave the Democrats some control. The problem for them is that after the next two years they can no longer be solely dependent on blaming republicans for everything. And the fact is the American people don’t want an overall change in foreign policy. They voted because of their discontent with the Iraq war and basically decided to punish the GOP for its poor performance.

***You see, Dems view the Iraq situation, be it right or wrong, as a sinking ship. Well, in their Armani suits and with their celebratory bubbly, they just boarded the Titanic with the rest of us. And in 2008 they will be shit out of luck. Their blame-bush lifeboat will have sailed and they will have no more excuses. Underneath all of the rhetoric they still voted for this war, they still pushed this war, they still have no reasonable alternative in this war and in two years, as the leftist David Corn put it, they will no longer be among the rebels but will be part of the Empire.