My Predictions for 2007

--Pigs will fly out of John Kerry’s ass when George Bush gets serious about what’s going on in Iraq.

--Evangelical Christians will give Pat Robertson their hard earned money when he tells them that God actually speaks to him... and they’ll be shocked when they end up in hell because morons aren’t allowed to pass the pearly gates

--Hillary Clinton will divorce her unfaithful husband when it’s discovered that Bill is gay... and has banged Barack Obama.

--The ACLU will finally embrace Christians when they begin beheading non-believers after a portrait of Jesus is desecrated.

--Bill O’Reilly’s head will implode when he starts arguing with himself becuase the mind-boggling lack of sense as he yells will create a devastating vacuum of idiocy.

--Democrats will give back control of Congress before they are officially the majority when their own ad hominem rhetoric convinces them that we need a 'new direction'.

Update, Jan. 2. Pat Robertson: God Told Me of Coming Terror Attacks. Now we'll see if the morons send him their money.
Happy New Year

Saddam Has Been Executed

***Uncut Execution Video. Scroll Down***

Saddam has just been executed for his Crimes against Humanity. Great news for all the world... unless of course you’re an idiot, Human Rights Watch or a European Appeaser.

Like always, the Republican Blogs were on top of the news before the fever-swamps of the liberal internet-folk. But don’t fret my friends, you can always count on sites like the Huffington Post to skip the celebration and go right into the, Bush killed thousands of soldiers to get revenge on Saddam Hussein crap that doesn’t make sense but they still like to use (more Americans have died in California alone during the Iraq war than have died in Iraq itself. Not that they care; they just can't use the Bush killed 'em line). Or how about the nice, Saddam’s executed, who gives a shit approach we saw from AmericaBlog.

I can’t forget to post some reactionary comments from the Huffposters. They’re
always so clever:

I’m betting this news gives bush a big hard on.

Now it's Chimpus' turn. Let the bastard hang high!!

A war created because "Saddam was mean to my daddy."

$400 billion is a whole lot of money to execute one guy. Just sayin'

Okay, enough of that. I’ll get myself sick if I post anymore from the Einsteins of the internet. But if you do support the Huffington Post, AmericaBlog or the DU, then please do the world a favor and shoot yourself in the face with a shotgun. Darwin demands it!

Update. Hillary Responds: I'm glad Saddam has been sentenced to death for his crimes but I regret voting to remove him from office and our troops have done a damn good job... those Nazis.

Update. Kos Clown Laments Saddam’s Death: I have just read that Saddam Hussein is dead. And I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness.... I feel sadness because we repaid cruelty with cruelty. We did it because we allowed an emotionally disturbed man to lead us, to direct our actions. We destroyed Saddam Hussein’s life... We killed his children while he was still alive. We hunted them down like animals and slaughtered them without dignity. As a father I will say no human deserves this

Actual Video of Execution

Shining Moments of '06

Capital punishment? I Gotta find that guy in Spain who indicted Pinochet and get him for war crimes and I’d get him to do the same thing for Bush. And in that case I would be for capital punishment. Otherwise, I’m against it.

I do not think it is a smart strategy, either for the president to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government. Nor do I think it is a smart strategy to set a date certain.

h/t Hot Air. Vid Made By Suitably Flip.

John Kerry Snubbed by US Troops

John Kerry met the silent treatment during his recent visit to Iraq. He was forced to cancel his press conference because no one showed up and not one US soldier sat with or even spoke to the senator from Massachusetts. -- "I'm so lonely, so lonely, so lonely and sadly alone".

Kerry Sits Alone, Surrounded by Troops 'Stuck in Iraq'
This is a true story....Check out this photo from our mess hall at the US Embassy yesterday morning. Sen. Kerry found himself all alone while he was over here. He cancelled his press conference because no one came, he worked out alone in the gym w/o any soldiers even going up to say hi or ask for an autograph (I was one of those who was in the gym at the same time), and he found himself eating breakfast with only a couple of folks who are obviously not troops.

I guess they're pretty dumb... right, John Kerry? I mean what type of person wouldn't want to meet with you? It's not like you and some of your Democratic colleagues have called the troops Nazis, the forces of Stalin, worse than Saddam Hussein or have insinuated they're stupid on several occasions.... oh wait, yeah you have.

Saddam Hussein To be Hanged

An appeals court today upheld Saddam Hussein’s death sentence requiring he be hanged within 30 days. The ruling comes after the former Iraqi dictator was found guilty of crimes against humanity and before his second case is set to begin for his genocidal efforts to wipe out the Kurds. If Hussein is executed prior to his second trial those charges will be dropped against him but will stand against his co-defendants.

I doubt anyone is surprised at the appeals ruling. However, the inevitable has upset some people in Iraq and in the “world community”. Of course, Saddam loyalists and terrorist-insurgents are not too happy over the upcoming execution, but right up there with our enemies outrage is the outrage of the so-called Human Rights groups. These groups carry a disdain for the United States and George Bush that is so relevant it makes the regime’s downfall a propaganda liability.

When Saddam was first sentenced, the notoriously anti-American group Human Rights Watch was
immediately there to call the verdict unsound and unfair citing what they claimed was a flawed trial. And now that Hussein lost his appeal some activist organizations are demanding the execution not be carried out. (The Guardian) UN human rights experts have called on Iraq's government not to carry out the death sentence, saying Saddam's trial was seriously flawed.

These groups take the phrase, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to a whole new level. A level in which they can claim the moral high-ground while misguidedly and immorally helping those who undermine the west and in the case of Lynne Stewart, those who wish to kill us.

Holiday Football Picks. Week 16

First, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. And if you’re in the giving mood you can show your support by making a donation to the Opinionnation Website.

Now, to the Games: Week 16 (The Winners)
1. Chiefs -won
2. Ravens -won
3. Bears -won
4. Colts -lost
5. Patriots -won
6. Giants -lost
7. Bucs -won
8. Bills -lost
9. Rams -won
10. Falcons -lost
11. 49'ers -lost
12. Bengals -lost
13. Chargers -won
14. Cowboys
15. Jets

There’s Nothing Like Liberal Tolerance

At first, I didn’t want to write a post about how loving and caring Liberals can be but their tolerance and progressiveness is so unabashedly great that it must be pointed out. -We all know by now that recently, Laura Bush had a small cancerous growth removed from her leg. She is doing fine and called the incident, ‘no big deal’. So naturally, liberal readers of their favorite sites chimed in to give their support to the beloved first lady: H/T Pirate Cove.

From the Huffington Post

At least they saved on the cost of anesthesia. Laura in her "natural" sate is sedated enough.


Karmas a BITCH!

For all the death and destruction Laura's family has caused, and continue to cause, I guess Karma is just beginning. The real tragedy in this story is that the entire Bush regime are not in the grip of aggressive terminal cancer.

the curse of mike douglas…. pray for aids, bitch


When are the doctors going to do something about that big dripping carbuncle between her ears?

Who gives a flying F$%&? She is no more important than your next door neighboors mother who had the same problem. She HAPPENS to be married to a douche bag. No different than your next door neighboor.
Ah, the true progressives. In contrast to the those evil Republicans who did nothing but pray for a speedy recovery for Democrat Tim Johnson after suffering a stroke. From Hot Air:

I’m with Ian. Prayers for Senator Johnson and his family.

Prayers for a speedy recovery. Another reminder how precious and fragile life is.

I wish him and his family the best and am praying for his full recovery.

Oh, but you can’t out-tolerate those liberals. How ‘bout some more well wishes for Mrs. Bush from the Democratic Underground :

I couldn't care less about Laura Bush or anybody else in the Bush family. Fuck 'em all!

In a fair world they would have kept the cancer and gotten rid of Laura.

Too bad they caught it in time.
And how can we forget about the other “progressive” behavior we’ve seen. Like the pie-throwing, the heckling, the attacks on black republicans and my favorite of all... the utter joy we saw from the Democratic Underground when the two Fox News employees were kidnapped near Israel.

The Glorious Clinton Legacy

After Sandy Berger, President Clinton’s national security advisor stole and stuffed classified documents down his pants prior to his testimony in front of House and Senate Intelligence committees, a new report indicates that he then hid them under a construction trailer before going back and taking the documents to his office.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Former national security adviser Sandy Berger removed classified documents from the National Archives in 2003 and hid them under a construction trailer, the Archives inspector general reported Wednesday.

The report was issued more than a year after Berger pleaded guilty and received a criminal sentence for removal of the documents...

Berger, who pleaded guilty to unlawfully removing and retaining classified documents, was fined $50,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.

With Clinton allowing North Korea to develop nuclear weapons,
giving Iran nuclear blueprints, slashing Intel Budgets, allowing Al Qaeda to attack the United States and our interests 6 times while planning 9/11, and spying on Princess Diana... having your national security advisor steal classified material and getting caught is not good for that legacy. -- Hey, but the economy was pretty good.

Woman Tells Cop She Bought 'Bad Crack'

A North Carolina Woman was arrested after she complained to a police officer that the Crack Cocaine she just purchased was bunk.

Shockingly, the sheriff was not sympathetic. .

Eloise D. Reaves, 50, approached the Putnam County sheriff's deputy at a convenience store Friday, telling him that another man had sold her "bad crack" that contained wax and cocaine.

She pulled an alleged crack rock out of her mouth and placed it on the deputy's car for inspection, the Palatka Daily News reported on Tuesday... She was charged with possession of cocaine and bonded out for $1,504.

I assume she wanted to get her money back.

Hillary Wouldn’t Have Voted For War

Oh, but ya did, Hill. Ya did. And you pushed for it and you used the same arguments as the Administration and now you’re just trying to cover you ass with your anti-war base.

As Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to assess a possible presidential candidacy and the contours of a Democratic nomination fight, she has taken another step away from her 2002 vote authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq...

This morning on NBC's "Today" show, Sen. Clinton was asked about her 2002 vote and offered a slightly evolved answer. "Obviously, if we knew then what we know now, there wouldn't have been a vote," she said in her usual refrain before adding, "and I certainly wouldn't have voted that way."

Knowing what you know now, huh? Now that you know it’s a political liability.

What Is With These Fucking People

Who the fuck talks about saving the rain forest at a party?

I’m in my early twenties and in college with many fraternity friends. I sometimes like to party and frequent a near by bar called Hurricane Alley. So when a friend calls me to come to a two-kegger, I naturally jump at the chance. Now my friend is a brilliant guy; a chemical engineer who I’ve known for a long time. He even stayed on my family’s couch in highschool when he was kicked out of his house. So, when he called I figured yeah, I’ll stop by, I haven’t seen this dude since the beginning of the semester.

I get out of work at around 11:00 and head over to his buddies house where this “party” was supposed to be happening. I get there and only about 15 people are scattered around... not much of a party. And to make things worse the majority of them were damn tree-huggers. I was like, fuck I drove over here for nothing. Well, I stayed for about half an hour and felt pretty compelled to leave after I heard a group of people talking about global warming and saving the fuckin’ trees.

I just couldn’t take it! I felt bad for leaving so soon but damn if I was going to stay there listening to that shit. Listen, if your life is trees and meditating in some hippie circle then please: Keep that shit at home. I love politics, but it ain’t my life.

Dems Becoming Even More Unhinged

During a Middle East trip in which John “why haven’t you shot yourself already” Kerry bashed President Bush and the United States, he expressed a willingness to open dialogue with Iran. He claimed that the White House's rejection of talks with these nations is a mistake and said that it’s important to understand people’s needs as well as to know what their perceptions are in order to “get the ball rolling”.

"Dialogue is an important thing. It's very hard to move the ball if you don't know firsthand what people's needs are, what their own perceptions are," Kerry said in an interview with The Associated Press and several other journalists in Cairo. (If he doesn’t know the wants and perceptions of Iran or Syria then I’m sorry to say that you Kerry, are worthless.) Maybe he means he wants to get the ball rolling on appeasement and weakening the United States... -Full Story-

This announcement by Kerry came shortly after it was reported that “important Democrats” met with leaders of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Hamas, along with other major terrorist groups, have expressed solidarity with the Democratic Party and, in fact, supported their election bid during the midterms. Perhaps Kerry was one of those Democrats that met with our enemies...?

And recently, when news hit of the possible stroke of Senator Tim Johnson, many-a-liberal, in their most deranged of states, came to the conclusion that it must have been a Republican plot to take back control of the Senate. We saw conspiracy rhetoric from the losers at the Daily Kos to the retards at Democratic Underground to even the host of the morning televison show “The View”. Yes, how can I not mention Joy Behar and her insinuation that it was the Republican Party who magically caused Tim Johnson to have a stroke in a sinsiter plan to steal back the majority. Behar asked, if “there is such a thing as man-made strokes” and went on to say that “I know what this party [Republican] is capable of”. -

Bye, Bye Sanity

And Then... There's Barack Obama

Lately, we have been hearing a lot about the Illinois Senator... well, not actually about the senator. But we’ve been seeing his face plastered all over the news; from his trip to New Hampshire to a cameo spot on Monday Night Football. So I figured since everyone is talking about him, I might as well point a few things out.

First, I love how the media is in awe of their own hyping of Barack Obama. They’re like, “Oh my God where did this guy come from”. Well, he’s a media hyped guy so obviously he came from you... you idiots. And then I love how they, the media, pretend as if Obama is some kind of alternative candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination. As if he’s somehow a different mold from the typical liberal in that political party.

He’s no different than any other liberal; other than he’s young and black (half black raised by his white mother). Which might explain a lot about the media’s fixation. When you're pushing a multi-cultural agenda who better to exploit than a black man who’s young and who can be defined as presidential material? -- But how about we go through some of the senator's positions... some positions the MSM has either refused or conveniently forgot to report on.

Mr. Obama is somewhat fanatical about allowing abortions and does, in fact, support the grotesque and inhumane practice of partial birth abortion. He also abstained from the Parental Notification Act. And when it came to the Supreme Court he voted against both of the well-qualified nominees, Samuel Alito and John Roberts. He also voted against John Bolton, the Ambassador to the UN. Not to mention, as reported here at Opinionnation Times, Barack claimed that it was the media’s "job" to expose NSA secrets. He basically falls in line with the Democratic Party but in some cases, as seen with his support for partial birth abortion, he is more extreme than the average moderate.

Anyway, Barack Obama will not be the next President of the United States; at most he will be the VP on the Democrats’ presidential ticket in 2008. But I can understand the media’s hyping of this particular senator... they want so much for the Democrats to win and they know if Hillary is their nomination they will lose in ‘08. The media is searching for the next best thing and with someone like Obama who has been financed by radical leftist George Soros, they might just have their great white black hope.

Clinton Spied On Princess Diana

In an effort to completely destroy the Constitution of the United States, Former President Bill Clinton took it upon himself to get his kicks by spying on Princess Diana. Yes, while Al Qaeda was building in strength, killing Americans, bombing embassies, and planning 9-11, Clinton was busy illegally spying on allies and their hot royalty. -- Maybe he was trying to make a move to get in her pants. -Story-

For liberal readers, some of the above was sarcasm. (I thought I would apply their type of logic to my post just so they could see how stupid they sound when they bash President Bush with nonsense.)

Anyway, the real issue is the hypocrisy. We have seen the phony outrage coming from livid Democrats when it comes to spying on terrorists and their sympathizers... yet we have heard nothing about the Clinton Administration violating the rights of innocent people. Do they really care about the privacy of innocent people, or are they just playing politics in a hope to undermine the current Administration. Now, that’s not really a question because we know they’re simply playing politics. In fact, it was the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that stole private financial records of Republican opponents... so it’s obvious they don’t care.

But it’s nice to know the Clinton Administration’s priorities. Under President Bush we have been spying on suspected terrorists and known enemy countries but Under Clinton we were ILLEGALLY spying on Princess Diana.

Democrats have never had the moral high ground... only the ability to hide their hypocrisy. Don’t worry dems, you can express your “outrage” over Bill Clinton here. I’m sure your seething with anger at the President who worked to destroy the Constitution.
Update: Bill Clinton Supports Withdrawal Dialogue with Iran. Dialogue with Iran; Spying on Diana?

Report: Democrats Meet With Hamas

Surprise, surprise! I haven’t been on the net in a few days given my Notebook problem but today was the first opportunity I had to check up on all the news happening around the globe. And what was the first story I came across...? yep, leading democrats having a little circle jerk with their beloved freedom fighters. - How fitting...

WorldNetDaily) Hamas met with a delegation of “important Democrats” who expressed interest in relations with the Palestinian terror group even if it doesn’t recognize the right of Israel to exist, a Palestinian news website claimed today.

Maannews quoted a source in the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority stating the terror group felt it important to meet with members of the Democratic Party since, the Hamas source said, the party will likely win 2008 presidential elections…

The source told Maannews the Democrats expressed an understanding with the Hamas principal of not recognizing Israel and applauded Hamas’ willingness to accept a long-term cease-fire with the Jewish state in exchange for an Israeli withdrawal to what is known as the pre-1967 borders…

Now the question is which Democrats met with the terrorist organization and who exactly applauded Hamas's “principled” stance of jew-killing and their feigned interest in a long-term cease fire? Another question is what exactly are these Dems offering as appeasement and why are they scheduling meetings with our enemies without announcing their intentions...? could they be ashamed? Doubt it, they have no shame.

As reported, many terrorist-leaders (some from Hamas) supported the Democratic Party during the midterm elections and I’m sure they, like our other enemies, are thrilled at the prospect of having weak, appeasing Dems on their side for the next few years . Who can blame them... they have so much in common.

Op Notice

My brand new Inspiron Notebook, that I just purchased (for a lot of money mind you), has failed to power up the last few days. I’m waiting for a new motherboard to come in from Dell. Hopefully, it will be here today or tomorrow. I will start posting when it comes in…


Have We Lost The Will To Win?

With Iraq descending into more chaos and the Democrats taking over control of the House and the Senate, it’s almost safe to say that this whole Iraq endeavor is lost. I’ve always had a hope that the Iraqi people would stand up and fight for the security of their country but that hope has slowly faded given the reality. The will of the Iraqi people to stand and fight off oppression, terrorist-insurgents and sectarian battles is practically non-existent. Our will as a nation has been shaken to the point of fracture and the goals for Iraq are quickly fading. I understand struggles like that of Iraq are always long and bloody and usually worth it but I’m starting to doubt our capability to affect any change in that region.

In order for us to reach even the easiest of goals in Operation Enduring Freedom we have to send hundreds of thousands of more troops. But that is not going to happen, is it? And that is how you know the will of the American people and the current administration has collapsed. When the only option for “victory” is being ignored or dismissed out of a fear of negative public discourse (when our enemies are so committed they are happy to blow themselves up), we know the battle is lost. A lot of Americans are tired of the Iraq problem not because they hate the cause but because they understand we are not doing enough to win. They think to themselves, if we are not even serious about setting out to finish the mission, what’s the point of keeping troops in harms way.

Readers of this blog understand my complete disdain for the former Defense Secretary. His failures were massive and his inability to change strategy has cost us dearly. And after this
recent memo leak I can’t help but wonder if the hawks in the Bush administration ever wanted to win or if they just thought removing Hussein was enough. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the White House two days before he resigned last month the Bush administration's strategy in Iraq was not working and he proposed a major change, The New York Times reported on Saturday... "In my view it is time for a major adjustment. Clearly, what U.S. forces are currently doing in Iraq is not working well enough or fast enough". In it, Rumsfeld outlined several options for policy changes, including reductions in U.S. forces and bases in Iraq as well as a "minimalist" recasting of the U.S. mission and goals in Iraq, but he made no recommendations.

Listen, it’s obvious the strategy hasn’t been working; it’s been obvious for two years. He’s just noticing that simple fact? And his options for policy change is a minimalist recasting of the mission? So instead of sending more troops to actually win this war he wants to just start backtracking on the original goals of regime change, foothold in the Mideast and basing rights.

If our will is gone and our leaders are completely refusing to do what is necessary to ensure some sort of victory then what the fuck are we still doing there. Now that’s not a call for withdrawal, that’s a calling-out of our leaders and their timid war-fighting methods. If anything, we have to make sure Iran doesn’t take control of Iraq and we have to protect Iraq’s oil interests from falling into the hands of terrorists and their sponsors. If we could just say hey, have fun killing yourselves and leave, it would be great. Unfortunately, we have real enemies counting on our failure and waiting to be strengthened.
Update: Pelosi’s Choice for Intel Chairman Wants More Troops in Iraq.