Clinton Spied On Princess Diana

In an effort to completely destroy the Constitution of the United States, Former President Bill Clinton took it upon himself to get his kicks by spying on Princess Diana. Yes, while Al Qaeda was building in strength, killing Americans, bombing embassies, and planning 9-11, Clinton was busy illegally spying on allies and their hot royalty. -- Maybe he was trying to make a move to get in her pants. -Story-

For liberal readers, some of the above was sarcasm. (I thought I would apply their type of logic to my post just so they could see how stupid they sound when they bash President Bush with nonsense.)

Anyway, the real issue is the hypocrisy. We have seen the phony outrage coming from livid Democrats when it comes to spying on terrorists and their sympathizers... yet we have heard nothing about the Clinton Administration violating the rights of innocent people. Do they really care about the privacy of innocent people, or are they just playing politics in a hope to undermine the current Administration. Now, that’s not really a question because we know they’re simply playing politics. In fact, it was the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee that stole private financial records of Republican opponents... so it’s obvious they don’t care.

But it’s nice to know the Clinton Administration’s priorities. Under President Bush we have been spying on suspected terrorists and known enemy countries but Under Clinton we were ILLEGALLY spying on Princess Diana.

Democrats have never had the moral high ground... only the ability to hide their hypocrisy. Don’t worry dems, you can express your “outrage” over Bill Clinton here. I’m sure your seething with anger at the President who worked to destroy the Constitution.
Update: Bill Clinton Supports Withdrawal Dialogue with Iran. Dialogue with Iran; Spying on Diana?