Dems Becoming Even More Unhinged

During a Middle East trip in which John “why haven’t you shot yourself already” Kerry bashed President Bush and the United States, he expressed a willingness to open dialogue with Iran. He claimed that the White House's rejection of talks with these nations is a mistake and said that it’s important to understand people’s needs as well as to know what their perceptions are in order to “get the ball rolling”.

"Dialogue is an important thing. It's very hard to move the ball if you don't know firsthand what people's needs are, what their own perceptions are," Kerry said in an interview with The Associated Press and several other journalists in Cairo. (If he doesn’t know the wants and perceptions of Iran or Syria then I’m sorry to say that you Kerry, are worthless.) Maybe he means he wants to get the ball rolling on appeasement and weakening the United States... -Full Story-

This announcement by Kerry came shortly after it was reported that “important Democrats” met with leaders of the terrorist organization, Hamas. Hamas, along with other major terrorist groups, have expressed solidarity with the Democratic Party and, in fact, supported their election bid during the midterms. Perhaps Kerry was one of those Democrats that met with our enemies...?

And recently, when news hit of the possible stroke of Senator Tim Johnson, many-a-liberal, in their most deranged of states, came to the conclusion that it must have been a Republican plot to take back control of the Senate. We saw conspiracy rhetoric from the losers at the Daily Kos to the retards at Democratic Underground to even the host of the morning televison show “The View”. Yes, how can I not mention Joy Behar and her insinuation that it was the Republican Party who magically caused Tim Johnson to have a stroke in a sinsiter plan to steal back the majority. Behar asked, if “there is such a thing as man-made strokes” and went on to say that “I know what this party [Republican] is capable of”. -

Bye, Bye Sanity