My Predictions for 2007

--Pigs will fly out of John Kerry’s ass when George Bush gets serious about what’s going on in Iraq.

--Evangelical Christians will give Pat Robertson their hard earned money when he tells them that God actually speaks to him... and they’ll be shocked when they end up in hell because morons aren’t allowed to pass the pearly gates

--Hillary Clinton will divorce her unfaithful husband when it’s discovered that Bill is gay... and has banged Barack Obama.

--The ACLU will finally embrace Christians when they begin beheading non-believers after a portrait of Jesus is desecrated.

--Bill O’Reilly’s head will implode when he starts arguing with himself becuase the mind-boggling lack of sense as he yells will create a devastating vacuum of idiocy.

--Democrats will give back control of Congress before they are officially the majority when their own ad hominem rhetoric convinces them that we need a 'new direction'.

Update, Jan. 2. Pat Robertson: God Told Me of Coming Terror Attacks. Now we'll see if the morons send him their money.
Happy New Year