Saddam Hussein To be Hanged

An appeals court today upheld Saddam Hussein’s death sentence requiring he be hanged within 30 days. The ruling comes after the former Iraqi dictator was found guilty of crimes against humanity and before his second case is set to begin for his genocidal efforts to wipe out the Kurds. If Hussein is executed prior to his second trial those charges will be dropped against him but will stand against his co-defendants.

I doubt anyone is surprised at the appeals ruling. However, the inevitable has upset some people in Iraq and in the “world community”. Of course, Saddam loyalists and terrorist-insurgents are not too happy over the upcoming execution, but right up there with our enemies outrage is the outrage of the so-called Human Rights groups. These groups carry a disdain for the United States and George Bush that is so relevant it makes the regime’s downfall a propaganda liability.

When Saddam was first sentenced, the notoriously anti-American group Human Rights Watch was
immediately there to call the verdict unsound and unfair citing what they claimed was a flawed trial. And now that Hussein lost his appeal some activist organizations are demanding the execution not be carried out. (The Guardian) UN human rights experts have called on Iraq's government not to carry out the death sentence, saying Saddam's trial was seriously flawed.

These groups take the phrase, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to a whole new level. A level in which they can claim the moral high-ground while misguidedly and immorally helping those who undermine the west and in the case of Lynne Stewart, those who wish to kill us.