Anti-War Fags Gather in D.C.

Today was a fun day for douchebag hippies riding on their high horse of idiocy. It was a march on Washington that had one clear message. And what was their message, you ask...? Well, no one gives a shit what it was so go somewhere else if caring about a bunch of loser-protesters is how you waste your time.

Moving on...

The Clinton and Obama thing is getting old... especially the media’s love for the half-blackie. It’s
not like black voters even identify with Barack Obama... so the media’s hypocritical multiculturalism push doesn’t mean anything with regards to the Illinois senator. Savvy?

And It’s not like John Kerry even counts anymore. After he dropped out of the presidential race (assuming he thought he was part of the race), Kerry went on to bash his country in a foreign nation next to his Iranian friend. Not to mention that Red Sox pitcher, Kurt Schilling, is being drafted to run against El Flipper in the 2008 senate elections. Schilling is demolishing Kerry by 96% according to the first poll done.

Also, didn’t I hear something about bipartisanship when the Democrats took control of congress? I think I did. In fact, I even heard a pledge-of-such by the new Speaker of the House. Unfortunately, the reality shows that it was never the Republicans who had a problem with bipartisanship, it was always the hyper partisans of the opposition party. – Now that Pelosi has, once again, been proven a liar, whom do we turn to? Georgie Boy is lost in La La land somewhere and the Dems are as pathetic as they’ve always been... so basically we got nothin’.

I guess we can always count on nothing...