Barbaro Euthanized; Should Hillary do the Same?

What the hell is with the media? On my Google Homepage I have hundreds of headlines from all the major media outlets so I can keep on top of the news. But this afternoon, when I woke up, almost every single media organization had the Barbaro euthanization as one of their top stories. Which, is funny because the day that Hillary Clinton announced she was an official candidate for president, only about 3 news sites had that story in their leading category.

So, either Hillary needs to do something impressive or she should really think about being euthanized. Now I know it's a risky proposition Hill, but it does have its benefits. For you, being euthanized would automatically make you a star... look at Barbaro. But more importantly, you will be doing a great service for your country. I mean we all know that the thought of you becoming president is worse than the thought of a homosexual devil coming up from hell to molest altar boys in Vermont.