Benon Sevan Indicted

Good news today out of New York. Benon Sevan, the former head of the U.N. Oil For Food Program, has been indicted in federal court. Sevan, the main culprit in one of the biggest scandals in history, is accused of many things; the vilestt of which is the $160,000 worth of bribes he took from the Hussein-regime. He is now part of a growing list of indicted or arrested UN members who took part in the scandal. Former advisors to Kofi Annan as well as French and Russian officials have already been arrested. -Story-

Hot Air linked a great summary about Benon Sevan from A summary, which pointed out something I never knew: [He] was the man as close to the center of the Oil-for-Food Scandal as it is possible to be–and who is accused of taking bribes to look the other way and let Saddam exploit the system. He has retreated to Cyprus and lurks in an apartment he inherited from his aunt–an aunt who, he says, gave him the $140,000 that is accused to be a bribe from Saddam. An aunt who fell down the elevator shaft of this building and died when the story came to light.

At first I thought the aunt "falling down the shaft" thing was a little joke. But no I looked it up and it's true. Don’t draw any conclusions though. I’m sure people always fall down elevator shafts right after corrupt officials are accused of taking bribes from Saddam Hussein and the decedant is named as the source of $160,000.

Like clockwork, his lawyer provided us with a new flavor of anti-Americanism when he claimed that the entire charge against Savon was merely a devious plot by America to distract the world from its “own massive failures in Iraq”. Sevan's lawyer, Eric Lewis, said that the United States was using his client as a scapegoat and a distraction from its own "massive failures and mismanagement in Iraq."