Brave Freedom Fighter Plants Bomb Next to Child

With tactics accepted by the far-left to counter America’s hegemony, a courageous freedom-fighter was forced to place explosives near a mother and child on a London subway car.

(Brian Ross, ABC
) A dramatic surveillance video released today by Scotland Yard shows a suspected terrorist placing his explosive-laden backpack next to a mother and her child riding on a London subway car.

Prosecutors say the bomb, placed by 25-year-old Ramzi Mohammed in July 2005, failed to detonate, and the surveillance tape shows Mohammed running up an escalator entrance once the train arrived at Oval Station in south London.
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It’s people like Ramzi Mohammed, who if forced to listen to loud music or put in a naked pyramid at Guantamao Bay, would garner the sympathy of the entire leftist Bush-hating world. And that’s why I hate them and that’s why I truly hope one day they are kidnapped by their beloved fighters and then beheaded as they beg for their life by denouncing their own country and expressing the understanding they have with their soon-to-be murderers.

Maybe one day... All we can do is hope.

In fact, in some ways, Al Qaeda is better than some of these anti-war freaks. I mean Al Qaeda only makes me mad... but nutroots make me sick. -Whining about Gitmo inmates, whining about this, whining about that. We are dealing with genocidal maniacs and some people want us to bake them some nice cookies and negotiate...