Detectives Are Paid To Sleep With Hookers

You think you have the best job?

Breitbart.Com) Sydney municipal officials have paid private detectives thousands of dollars to have sex with prostitutes to gather evidence needed to shut down illegal brothels.

Nine local councils have paid private investigators the equivalent of C$23,150 over the last three years to go undercover and root out the illicit trade, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported.

Nick Ebbeck, the mayor of Kuringai council said extreme measures were necessary. "We have to employ private investigators to actually go through with the act and come up with reports that will suffice in a court process," he was quoted saying.

I wonder what exactly are going in these “reports” that would meet requirements for their court system? And how awesome must these brothels be if a city government has to take desperate measures to infiltrate their business?

But I’ve sent a letter to Sydney offering my services. Hey, some of us were born to be heroes, right?