Kennedy: Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam

Recently, the drunken master himself, Ted Kennedy, came out and attacked the president of the United States. Naturally, it was at the detriment of the U.S. troops in Iraq... but of course, it’s not like he cares.

Kennedy, in a preemptive effort to undermine Bush’s troop surge speech, said that “
Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam”. Now, I know what he’s trying to do but I don’t really know what that phrase means. I call it a phrase not a statement because Kennedy used the exact same wording right before the ‘04 election (here). A fact the media neglected to mention after this recent comparison. But back to the point: I know that using little phrases like the one Kennedy used gets some people on the left all excited. However, just because stupid works for the base of the Democratic Party, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work here.

Keeping in mind that Teddy said Afghanistan was a quagmire and he’s a partisan hack, I’ll try to take his charge seriously:

**So according to Kennedy-logic, if Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam then that would mean the slaughter of 3 million people after the U.S. withdrew from that country was the, “Democrat's or the anti-war slaughter”. It’s theirs, they own it. And if Iraq devolves into a true civil war because we pull out now, then the ensuing slaughter would belong to the Democrats. Because if Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, not a war which congress, including his colleagues voted for, then that must mean not only the genocide under Saddam Hussein is "Kennedy’s genocide" but the aftermath of what would be their withdrawal decision, is the "Democrat's aftermath".

I’m glad we worked that out. And I’m glad Kennedy has taken such responsibility. -For more partisan Vietnam junk you can visit the new Washington Post
editorial that politically exploits Martin Luther King day.