More Nazi Treatment at Gitmo?

After feeding inmates only bread and water, after the belly slaps, the Red Hot Chili Pepper music, and the dreadful naked pyramid, we have new allegations of horrid abuse.

Washington Post) FBI agents witnessed possible mistreatment of the Koran at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, including at least one instance in which an interrogator squatted over Islam's holy text in an apparent attempt to offend a captive, according to bureau documents released yesterday.

In another incident that month, interrogators wrapped a bearded prisoner's head in duct tape according to an FBI agent, the documents show.

Squatting over a Koran and duct taping some guy's head, huh? Well, if that’s not a kin to the systematic slaughter of millions of Jews then I don’t know what is. Good call Dems... they are Nazis.

Point of Fact: There are far more cases of abuse directed at US prison guards at Guantanamo Bay than there are of prisoner abuse directed at detainees by military personnel.
Surprisingly, we only see sympathy for terrorist-inmates. I guess when people are too busy feeling sorry for our enemies they have no time to worry about US Guards