Mr. President, With All Due Respect, Fuck Off

This evening, the President of the United States is set to address the nation from the White House.

It is being billed as a major speech about the war in Iraq and the upcoming ‘troop surge’ that has been reported on during the last couple of weeks. But, is it really going to be a major speech or is it going to be the same old bullshit we’ve been hearing for the past year? Every time I hear the White House or the media hyping a presidential address, especially one dealing with Iraq, I’m reminded of how much nothing can come from what’s supposed to be something.

I don’t want to hear about schools being built! I don’t want to hear about training the Iraqi military! I don’t want to hear about some bullshit troop surge! I want to see a leader disregard the polls, the politics, and the fear so the U.S. military can be unleashed upon our enemies with a force not yet seen in this war on terror. 20,000 extra troops isn’t going to do anything. Little pep talks in the White House basement isn’t going to help with anything. Either we go all out NOW or we go home!

Mr. Bush, don’t you dare piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining because this ain’t a fuckin’ game! We are losing this battle and you are sinking the Republican Party. You don’t go half-assed into a war and then stick your face in the sand in the hopes of everything just working itself out. Rumsfeld should have been fired a year ago (when I was the only Republican calling for it) and the entire hearts and minds strategy should have been abandoned with a re-enforcement of hundreds of thousands of more troops. And guess what? Just as it was last year, the only way to reach the goals of a stable democratic country in Iraq is by sending an overwhelming amount of U.S. forces to completely shut down that country, to root out the enemy factions with no regard for life and to expedite the training of the Iraqi military. Either that, or we just leave... because there’s no in-between!

I’ll be live-blogging during the President’s speech if I’m not passed out from banging my head on my desk in frustration.

Live-Blogging Bush’s Speech (Mountain Time)

7:02 Bush: it’s clear that the strategy in Iraq is not working. (Yeah, no shit)
7:10 Yup, he's pissing on my leg talking about training troops and sectarian reconciliation
7:11 Bush (paraphrase): In Anbar, All Hell is breaking loose... we’ll send 4,000 troops to combat hell
7:14 He’s now actually talking about diplomacy in the region and the consequences of failure... anything new?
7:15 again he’s talking about advancing liberty as if we haven’t heard that before. Sure Mr. Bush that’s great... how about winning the war
7:17 Bush: the question is will this new strategy ultimately bring success. And my answer is yes. (Well, that’s bullshit. But thanks)
7:20 Bush: The year ahead will demand more patience. (well you can demand all you want)

-Bush Speech concludes. Overall, nothing new and a bunch of the same BS we hear every year. FUCK!!