Whoo Hoo! Global Warming Increases Risk of Suicide

Let me start by saying that I don’t know if global warming is real... I’m not a scientist. A lot of scientist claim it is real but some claim that it is not taking place. In the 70's the scientific world was pretty much saying the opposite. The fear was global cooling not global warming. So should I believe the consensus of the 70's or should I believe Al Gore in his quest to prove to everyone that Manbearpig really exists?

But what I can call bullshit on is a new study released that says global warming is linked to a possible ‘enhanced’ risk of suicide. An Italian university has released a jounal which it claims links the increased surface tempature to the higher number of suicides reported in Italy. The summary report

For males, increasing anomalies in monthly average temperatures associated to a higher monthly suicide mean from May to August and, to a lower extent, in November and December. In January, on the other hand, increasing anomalies in monthly average temperatures appeared to be coupled to a lower number of suicides. For females, the links between temperature and suicides are less consistent than for males, and sometimes have a reverse sign, too.

I can’t say, with any accuracy, that a certain agenda was being played out here; but that's what it seems like. First of all, any time a scientific study uses a phrase like ‘enhanced possibility’ it’s because they didn’t find the results they were hoping to get but still wanted to put their message out. A message, misguided as it may be, which is designed to frighten governments into action. Secondly, if people are offing themselves because the earth’s temperature has risen 1 degree over the last 100 years, then that’s a good thing. It means there are less people in line in front of me and it means there is one less person that might fall on my head after they jump.

And gimme a break about global warming already. What’s the worst that could happen? I mean it’s 10-1 that we all die from nuclear war before global warming even begins to cook us to death and floods our coastline. Think about it: The human race won’t last long enough to invent time-travel because if we did, a bunch of people would have already come back in time to warn us to look out for manbearpig.