Bush Directs Tornado to Hit New Orleans

Yes, after George Bush planted bombs in the WTC, conjured and coordinated with the forces of global warming to flood the black neighborhoods of New Orleans, he has now, with the help of Karl Rove, dealt the victims of Katrina another blow with a round of deadly tornadoes!

All Headline News) - One person was killed and at least 29 were injured in the tornadoes that swept through the New Orleans area yesterday. At least 50 FEMA trailers and dozens of homes were destroyed and many others were damaged in an area that is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

According to a preliminary report from the National Weather Service, New Orleans experienced two tornadoes, both of them F-2 storms with winds of 113 to 158 per hour.

Damn you Bush! Do you really hate black people that much? -The imperialistic America that this president and his master Cheney have created will stop at nothing to further its neooppressive constraints on what is now a police-state with certain designs of the complete abhorrent goal of systematic weather-killing of the black populace!