‘Distracting’ Laptops and the New Segregation

Students (me and some other guy) Forced to the Back of the Class
The other day, after one of my economics courses, I was confronted by a fairly tall young lady who had a problem with my use of the notebook computer I carry. Apparently, my computer was “distracting” her and because she “pays the same tuition I pay” I should not ‘distract’ her during class.

As you might imagine, I was caught slightly off-guard by her selfish request given that we are in college and not nine years of age. So the first thing I said was, “just look away”. I wouldn’t have had a problem with her if she understood what I was saying and left. But not this idiot. After I told her to look away, she became upset and threatened to, get this: “Tell the professor” on me.

I shit you not. She actually threatened to tattle on me to our economics professor. Anyway, after she said that, I naturally became a tad angry. Because first of all, this is the 21st century and it ain’t my fault morons like her aren’t up to date with certain advances in word processing and research. Furthermore, her being distracted like a cat chasing a laser light sounds awfully like a personal problem to me.

So, I told her, in no uncertain terms, to mind her own fuckin’ business. In fact, I said to her, “mind your own fuckin’ business”. Well, after I said that, her shoulders tensed up and her pretty little head snapped back like if she just got a whiff of that crazy astronauts diaper after the 900 mile trip.

After I said what I said, I just walked away. As I was leaving down the hall, I hear her say, in that snarky manner, Mind my own business?!? -She sounded as if no one has ever spoken to her that way before. But I let it go because I had other things to do and the poor girl wasn’t equipped to handle what I would have told her next.

The story doesn’t end there I’m afraid. This happened after the Tuesday class and we still had to meet for the Thursday class in the same week. I had pretty much forgotten about the entire incident until I walked through the door and my professor singled me out and said, "there was a disturbance the other day and it’s best if you sit in the back to use your computer”. - I thought to myself, there is no way she actually complained to the professor that her fragile little mind couldn’t help but be distracted by my laptop.

Oh, but she did. And now those taking the course who use computers for notes are all forced to sit in the back row. -- If I were George Clooney I would call myself the new Rosa Parks...