HRW Whines Over ‘Disappeared’ Terrorists

Human Rights Watch, with furious anger, is tearing up their monkey cages over a few Al Qaeda operatives who might have been disappeared. According to HRW, some of their poor freedom-fighters have vanished from secret CIA prisons located in Europe and have yet to be found. As you can imagine, they’re none too happy about it.

( Human Rights Watch said Tuesday it had written to President George W. Bush about 38 'ghost prisoners' not heard from since secret CIA jails were emptied last year. The advocacy group also unveiled a report it said provided an unprecedented glimpse into grim conditions at the jails set up to hold top Al-Qaeda suspects captured on the battlefields of the war on terror.

"The Bush administration needs to provide a full accounting of everyone who was 'disappeared' into CIA prisons, including their names, locations and when they left US custody," said Joanne Mariner, Human Rights Watch (HRW) terrorism and counterterrorism director.

In the letter to Bush, the group mentioned names of 16 people it believes were held at CIA prisons and whose current whereabouts were unknown. It also included a list of another 22 who may have been at CIA prisoners, who are also unaccounted for. HRW said it was concerned the United States may have transferred some missing prisoners to foreign jails where they remain under the CIA's effective control.

Oh, the poor wittle jihadis have gone missing? How sad... -Seriously though: the next time remind me to care if the CIA disappears some goat-humping terrorist. Because I would really love to know when to start my grieving process.

Go Go Gadget-Jihadi-Grief