Obama: 3000 Lives Have Been Wasted in Iraq

The more and more Barack Obama is filmed the more his true political nature is exposed for the world to see.

It is his contention that the United States of America has been wasting lives in Iraq because he feels we launched a war that “should have never been authorized and should have never been waged”.

Obama on Iraq: 3000 of Our Bravest Have Been Wasted

video linked at LGF
It’s the typical nonsensical rhetoric given that his colleagues did in fact authorize this war, the war continues to wage and Saddam Hussein violated 17 Security Council resolutions. It’s not a serious point of debate nor is it constructive. So please Obama, if you think you should be president, start acting like it and stop acting like a moron who is simply trying to placate an insane political base.

But a word of advice if you choose not to be a serious candidate: The far-left in the Democratic Party doesn’t want to hear you call our American forces brave... Mercenaries maybe, but not brave.