Oh, Did I Offend You

I didn’t get upset when Michael Richards used the “N” word to attack a group of morons interrupting his show; I thought it was funny. I didn’t get offended when senator Biden described Barack Obama as a clean African-American. And I certainly don’t care if someone uses the word fag in a derogatory way.

I like to offend people because it’s natural. And racial epithets is the easiest way to do so.

See, if I use the word fag, like I used in a recent post, some people will call me a homophobe. However, to me, the assumption that because I use the word fag, I somehow hate homosexuals, is far more offensive than the word itself. It’s offensive because of the hypocrisy. Because the people lobbing the homophobe charge have their prejudices and for them to pretend like they're atop the hierarchy of moral authority makes them self-absorbed liars. And if you understand that, then you understand one of the key reasons I despise many liberal-Americans.

This is the same in almost all aspects of society. Take, for example, the war in Iraq and these recent protests. Most of the people protesting don’t really care about the people dying in Iraq and most don’t even care about the U.S. servicemen in that country. But they pretend to care because pretending to care allows them to claim a moral authority. These protesters didn’t care that 3 million people were slaughtered after we withdrew from Vietnam, just like they didn’t care about the Iraqis under Saddam Hussein. They don’t care about those lives because it’s not expedient for them... it wasn’t helpful to care. Only when it benefits their need to feel morally superior, does it matter to them.

Do you know that there is a genocide going on in Africa as I type? Do you know how bad the situation is in Darfur? But you don’t see any outrage coming from anybody. And do you know why there is no real outrage? It’s because those people who crave moral authority have crowned the United Nations, and its anti-Americanism, as the beacon of morality. And since the situation in Darfur is a consequence of the UN’s inaction, any dissent or condemnation weakens not only the ascribed authority of the UN but the moral gravitas of the self-important liberal agenda.

So fuck you, you fag, you spic, you cracker and you bitch!!! we have real problems in this world and I don’t have time for your hypocritical outrage, okay! If you go through life being offended at jokes or at words then just do us all a favor and jump off a fuckin’ cliff. -or cry us a damn river so we can drown your sensitive ass.