So Now They Decide to Shut it Down

The Iraqi government has decided to close it’s border with both Iran and Syria. The move is part of the last-ditch effort to quell the extreme violence in the hopes of establishing security throughout Iraq.

-A little late, ain't it?

Securing the borders of Iraq... That sounds so familiar. Oh, right.
Send More Troops (2005)”:

I am growing weary of the situation in Iraq... I’m very tired of having to read about US service people being killed... There are three major priorities that need to be taken care of: First, should be training and equipping the new Iraqi Army. The second priority, which is not being handled, is securing the borders of Iraq... Priority # 2 has not been seriously addressed by the administration. IEDs are the main killer of US troops. And those IEDs have been brought across the Syrian and Iranian borders. Hell, actual terrorists are being funneled through these borders. Nothing is being done about that! Priority # 3 is safety and security. Of course you can’t have safety and security if the Iraqis aren’t trained and Iraq’s borders are open for insurgents and weaponry to flow freely.
It wasn't hard to figure out what was going to happen if we left the borders open to virtually every enemy of the United States; at least not for me. But only now, when we're about to lose, are they doing what should have been done in 2005. -Great job everyone! Maybe after I die I'll remember to brush my teeth more often.