You Damn Dirty Dems!

Just when you might think it’s impossible for the Democratic Party to get any more partisan, they remind us all that when it comes to politics they are willing to do just about anything.

I would call them wolves in sheep's clothing but they’re more like a bunch of apes flinging poo...

All Headline News) In a yet another effort to topple President Bush's strategy on Iraq, the Democrats are now reportedly working on a binding legislation that would annul the 2002 Iraq war Resolution. According to officials, the new measure would limit the U.S. troops' mission to training their Iraqi counterparts, police forces, securing the country's borders and combating al-Qaeda forces.

What an amazing evolution from the Dems humble beginnings of calling the troops Nazis and the forces of Stalin. They have certainly come a long way

It started with undying support for the war, to slander of the Bush administration, to slander of the military, to undermining the war effort, then to the outing of intelligence secrets, and finally to an all-out effort to stab the troops in the back... all in the hope of gaining, politically.